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Services Available

NorCal Solar Services is a full-service solar installation company. Our team handles every single component of the solar panel installation process, with solutions that are designed around your home’s needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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Residential Solar Installation

  • Solar Panel Installation – Once we’re ready to go, we’ll provide complete solar panel installation at a cost that is highly competitive in the Central California market. We’re not bound to shareholders, so our solar panel prices are some of the lowest on the market.  

  • Obtaining Necessary Permits – We send our team to wait in lines, dot the i-s, cross the t-s, and make sure that everything that you need is correct to get approval from the local AHJ and building department.

3D Design and modeling

  • Solar Panel Design and Setup – Before you have even signed the contract, we’ll provide you with a free, complete, 3-dimensional model of your entire solar setup. You will be able to see and envision exactly what our solar panels can do for you, where they’ll be, and how they’ll look.

  • Residential Energy Analysis – We want you to have exactly the right number of solar panels for your present and your future. We will take a look at your energy bills, factor in any expected changes to your electrical usage, and make sure that you’re only getting the number of panels you need.

Inspections and Interconnection Applications

  • Scheduling and Managing City Inspections – We’ll also make sure that we get the city sign-off when we’ve completed the installation. These inspections help with permitting, and provide you with peace of mind that everything has been installed correctly.

  • Interconnection Applications – After installation, the next step is to get approval from utilities like PGE, Modesto Irrigation District, SMUD, and others. We’ll handle the applications and make sure everything is in place so that you can start using your new solar system.

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